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SEADOGS DIVE CLUB Making Friends and Doing Stuff

SeaDogs Dive Club
'cuz you always can use an extra dive buddy

Perhaps the biggest benefit to joining a diver's club is meeting and making friends with other divers. Diving is a social sport and if you're a Waterdogs Seadog you will always find somebody who'll go diving with you regardless of your level of experience. We go diving almost every weekend.

Member Benefits

  • FREE Use of Tanks and Air at Local Dive SItes
  • 20% Discount on Rental Gear
  • Bi-monthly Social Events
  • Dive club special events
  • Fill your tank(s) for free with our compressor
  • Club discount on NITROX fills 


You can join at any club meeting or online, and at the Waterdogs Store.

What’s the best way to get involved in the club? Become a member and join in the fun and events. Members are always welcome to help with club work, lead a trip, organize a beach picnic, or participate on the board.

What about membership? Membership dues cover each calendar year and are $65 for individual and $90 for family. There is a one time set-up fee of $5. We ask that you be a member before participating in club events (other than the club meetings). Club dues go towards buying prizes, food, and drinks for the bi-monthly club meetings, and to offset the expense of FREE AIR AT LOCAL DIVESITES.