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June 2-travel day (7 hour drive) check in to VRBO
June 3-Dive the Oriskany
June 4 Dive in Destin/travel home

What is included:
-Charter fees

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About the Oriskany:

The USS Oriskany (CV/CVA-34) also known as “The Great Carrier Reef” is a 904ft long US Navy aircraft carrier. The Oriskany saw significant combat service in both the Korean and Viet Nam wars. She was intentionally sank as an artificial reef on May 17, 2006. This wreck is the world’s largest intentionally-created artificial reef. Nicknamed “The Mighty O”, the USS Oriskany is a world-class dive for recreational and technical divers alike. She rests in 212 ft of water with her upper sections settled at 84 ft. The wreck is home to a wide variety of marine life including small tropical fish such as blennies, damselfish and angelfish and large game fish such as snapper, grouper and massive amberjack. Pelagic fish species can sometimes be spotted and even whale sharks and manta rays have been spotted cruising around the tower of the carrier. Oriskany is sometimes a challenging dive due to the potential for strong currents at the site. It is truly an awe inspiring site for advanced divers.

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