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  • Junior Divemaster Course

Junior Divemaster Course

The PADI Junior Divemaster course is a subset of the PADI Divemaster course.

This course is designed to engage and motivate interested youth divers into the next step, becoming a PADI dive pro.

Adapted from the full Divemaster course, it includes much of the same elements, just with some adaptions for youth divers aged 15-17.

This is an intense course for your youth diver and once completed they can assist PADI Professionals with many dive management duties and become great diving ambassadors and will include a lot of in and underwater water time.

To become a Divemaster at the age of 18 the JR Divemaster will need to complete additional training.

Starting from

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Course Prerequisites 

  • Certifed as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver 
  • 15 years old
  • Logged 20 scuba dives

Course Requirements

  • Complete knowledge development segments including Knowledge Reviews in PADI Divemaster eLearning.
  • Complete the PADI Junior Divemaster Exam
  • Create an Emergency Assistance Plan
  • Complete the following four waterskills exercises nonstop
    • 400 Metre/Yard Swim 
    • 15-Minute Tread 
    • 800 Metre/Yard Mask, Snorkel and Fin Swim 
    • 100 Metre/Yard Inert Diver Tow
  • Complete a diver rescue assessment
  • Complete the dive skills workshop and assessment

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