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  • Junior Open Water Diver

Junior Open Water Diver

PADI Junior Open Water Diver

For young adventurers

Because children have a natural curiosity and an ability to learn new skills quickly, they can make some of the best scuba divers.

Starting from

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To determine if your child is ready to start their scuba adventure, consider enrolling them in a Bubblemaker or Seal Team Course.

PADI's Junior Open Water Diver program is similar to the Adult Open Water Diver program and prepares youth to be fully PADI certified scuba divers.  Children must be at least 10 years of age to enroll and have basic swimming ability.

To make sure that youth don't exceed their body's limits, the Junior Open Water Diver comes with a few more restrictions than the adult version.  Ages 10 - 11 must dive with a certified parent or guardian or PADI certified professional.  They must not exceed 40 feet until the age of 12 at which time they are allowed down to 60 feet.

Younger divers can increase their competency, experience, and certification levels by continuing their journey with the following programs:

  • Junior Advanced Open Water Diver (Ages 12 - 14)
  • Junior Rescue Diver (Ages 12 - 14)
  • Junior Master Scuba Diver (Ages 12 - 14)

Once the young diver reaches the age of 15, the restrictions automatically fall off.  The diver can then order a replacement card with the word "Junior" removed.

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